Nagoya Day 2010

Nagoya is a sister city of Sydney. There was a ceremony of 30th anniversary between them on 4th Nov 2010 in Customs House, Sydney. The event name was“Nagoya Day”.

Ren had have two demonstrations of large calligraphy, the one “武将都市 NAGOYA” was in Customs house and the other one “水魚之交”was out side of the building.

He had a workshop of JP calligraphy as well.

A Mayor of Nagoya city Mr. Kawamura attended the ceremony with funny CHON-MAGE. Ren was taken a photo with him.

Also a Samurai group was there with their fight costumes. A lot of audiences enjoyed to watch their performance.


REN Yano -Japanese Calligrapher gained Australian PR as an artist. In 2010 his work 'place of origin' became a national property of JPN. Also he was conferred Consul-General's Commendation on in 2016.


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