Children's Day Coffs Harbour

There was a Japan Festival for Children’s Day in Coffs Harbour. Sasebo city (Nagasaki Japan) is the sister city of Coffs Harbour and gave a lot of KOINOBORI to them. There are not many Japanese people live in this city but people loved Japanese Cultures and foods.

I had two stage s of my performance and my drawings were possessed in botanic garden in Coffs Harbour City.

I was interviewed in NBN evening news!! See news!! (But do not laugh at my speaking! )

歓迎 2m x 4m


端午之節句 子供の日

Place: botanic garden Coffs Harbour NSW

Date: 2 May 2010


REN Yano -Japanese Calligrapher gained Australian PR as an artist. In 2010 his work 'place of origin' became a national property of JPN. Also he was conferred Consul-General's Commendation on in 2016.


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