Candle Festival 2008 Canberra

I was invited by the Japan Embassy in Canberra and appeared for candle Festival. The staffs of the embassy were very kind and were gentlemanly, and I admired very much because I thought the elites are more snobby. A very good performance was possible by their perfect support.

燈籠祭り(Candle Festival) 2m x 4m

さくらさくら(Sakura Sakura) 1m x 2m x 4

Date: 27 September 2008

Place: Canberra Nara Park


REN Yano -Japanese Calligrapher gained Australian PR as an artist. In 2010 his work 'place of origin' became a national property of JPN. Also he was conferred Consul-General's Commendation on in 2016.


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